Maison Van Thienen

A family business with a century-old passion

Founded in 1880 by François Van Thienen, the company began its journey in the attic of a modest building in Sint-Joost ten Noode, marking the start of a legacy that would endure to this day.

This legacy, which until then had been a family affair, was entrusted to Vincent Vercheval in 1986, who, with a deep appreciation of art, steered Maison Van Thienen towards excellence.

Today, the company is synonymous with prestige and has collaborated with renowned artists such as René Magritte, Paul Delvaux and James Ensor.

Its commitment to quality, tradition and innovation has made the company a partner of choice for collectors, foundations, dealers and institutions, making each framed art piece a shared journey of discovery and admiration.

The expertise of Maison Van Thienen is recognised by a number of royal courts, renowned art galleries and international art fairs.

Since 2021, Vincent Vercheval and his wife, Anne-Catherine Algoedt, have been joined by Marie-Caroline d’Olne, their daughter-in-law and daughter, whose skills and youth give the company new impetus, new models and new projects.



In 1880, François Van Thienen, gilder, decided to become independent and leave the Bonne Foi company, the largest company in Europe in building ornaments. He created his own company “Van Thienen Framings”, rue du Marteau 45 in Saint-Josse ten Noode.

At that time, he had three children: Charles, Gabriel and Jacques. The workshops were in the attic where he developed his activities.


François died in 1917 – he didn’t get over the death of his wife, father and grandfather who all died within six months. Charles, his eldest son, died during the WWI and it was his second son, Gabriel, a finisher, who took over the company.


In 1923, Gabriel moved with his whole family to 28 rue de l’Enclume where he set up his workshops. Gabriel had a son Charles, born in 1922, who, from the age of 6, loved to spend hours watching the workmen go about their tasks. At the age of 16, he joined his father’s company and became a gilder like his grandfather.


He worked at his father’s side for 26 years until he succeeded him on 1 April 1964. As for Gabriel, he died on 18 June 1969.


On 1 April 1986, Charles Van Thienen handed his business over to Vincent Vercheval.

A lover of the arts since his youth, he grasped the opportunity which was handed to him and took over the framing house. His constant concern was to learn, keep up the tradition and take the firm to its highest level of excellence.


Maison Van Thienen is an internationally renowned reference. It had the chance to work with numerous artists including René Magritte, Paul Delvaux, James Ensor, Frans Gailliard, Jean-Jacques Gailliard, Frans Courtens, Gaston Bertrand, Jo Delahaut, Léon Spilliaert, Antoine Mortier, Fernand Toussaint, Emile Claus, Alfred Bastien.

They are all part of its history. Some frame models are even dedicated to them. Until this day and for decades, major collectors have entrusted us with their works and we bring out the best of them together.
Every encounter is an important moment for exchange and learning!

Vincent Vercheval and his team do their utmost best to deal with every order with the greatest care.