A house of pure expertise
Together we choose the type of wood, the finish, the gilding, the patina…

We are a purely artisanal company.

Starting with raw planks of wood, we create your ideal frame, whether contemporary, modern or antique. Together we choose the appropriate wood species, finish, gilding, patina…

We take care of the framing of your work, with the philosophy that any intervention should be reversible, and thanks to the use of the latest generation of protection, we ensure that it is perfectly legible.

At Van Thienen, we understand that your framing dreams can be as varied and unique as the works you wish to showcase. Whether you want to recreate your ancestor’s ancestral frame, frame a double-sided work, or develop oval frames for your children’s portraits, we’re here to help.

We are passionate about creating frames that enhance each piece in an elegant and timeless way. Whether you prefer a minimalist frame for a contemporary work, or you want to transform a precious object like your grandmother’s silver tureen into an exceptional object, we have the expertise to make your wishes come true.

From showcasing a unique Hermès bag to framing Jimmy Hendrickx’s iconic jacket, hanging an Indian headdress or a splendid Hermès silk quest scarf, we are here to help you realise your boldest dreams.

Impossible is not Van Thienen !

Together, we will always find a solution to make your wildest dreams come true. With over a century of experience and a constant curiosity about new techniques, we like to think outside the box to offer you innovative, taylor-made solutions.

With a view to reversibility and respect for the environment, it favors the use of natural materials, preserving the timeless beauty of the works while guaranteeing their durability. Each Maison Van Thienen creation tells a unique story, testifying to the subtle marriage between tradition and innovation, and to an ethical approach that respects the environment.