The Haute Couture of framing

Since 1880, we are one of the few Belgian companies able to propose more than 700 exclusive models, made in our Brussels atelier using traditional, ancestral methods. Vincent Vercheval’s attentive eye will guide you towards the best choice and the right balance of proportions.

Embodying an unrivalled heritage of craftsmanship, Van Thienen combines age-old techniques with a contemporary vision of bespoke design. As well as creating minimalist, contemporary frames, it specialises in creating ornate frames and restoring gilding.

The Maison brings old frames back to life and integrates them harmoniously into modern and contemporary decors.

From artisan heritage to modern creations,
all "made to measure".

Our Mission

The mission of Maison Van Thienen has been to provide top-of-the-range picture frames since 1880, with an emphasis on service, quality, skill, elegance and craftsmanship.

They specialise in the creation of contemporary, modern and antique frames, offering bespoke designs as well as gilding restorations. Their commitment to the reversibility of interventions and the preservation of art pieces is an essential part of their approach.

Don’t hesitate to contact them for bespoke projects and high-quality framing solutions.

Maison Van Thienen is an internationally renowned reference.
We have worked with many artists, such as René Magritte, Paul Delvaux and James Ensor...