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Craftsmen of Exceptional Frames With undisputed pride, Maison Van Thienen shares its ongoing commitment as the exclusive framer for some of the most prestigious galleries at BRAFA, for many editions now. As fervent advocates of exceptional craftsmanship, we stand shoulder to shoulder with gallery owners, highlighting our expertise in the careful selection of frames that [...]
Between History and Modernity In the vibrant heart of Brussels, Maison Van Thienen embodies the excellence of craftsmanship since 1880. This Belgian institution, a true guardian of traditions, stands out for its ability to create over 700 exclusive frame models, all crafted in its workshops using ancestral methods passed down through generations. The very essence [...]
Legacy in Evolution To celebrate a new chapter in its history, Maison Van Thienen proudly unveils its brand-new logo and freshly redesigned website. Each successor of Van Thienen has added their personal touch to the company's visual identity, and after weeks of anticipation, here is the result of this transformation. The new face of Van [...]